The LORD’s acts of mercy are not exhausted, his compassion is not spent; They are renewed each morning— great is your faithfulness! The LORD is my portion, I tell myself, therefore I will hope in him.

- Lamentations 3:22-24

About this site

My wife and I have walked a lot of paths together. I see a lot of similarity between paths and faith. I consider this life and faith to be less of a journey and more of a daily walk with Christ.

One day, you take a leisurely stroll down a paved path. The next day, you are taking a strenuous walk up a mountain over fallen trees and large stones. Some paths are more difficult than others but all walks are beneficial and rewarding. And the harder the walk, the greater the benefit and reward. That is faith.

Catholic Paths was created to help any Christian, but especially Catholics, prepare for their daily walk with Christ. From strolls to long treks, being prepared and having the right equipment is the key to success. I pray this site helps you to prepare and look forward to every day of your walk with the Lord.

Andy Kerestes

I am retired and living in North Carolina with my wife of over 45 years. I have always been Catholic, but after retirement started a deep dive into my faith by studying the Catechism, writings by the Church Fathers and the Saints. I began to learn things that I wished I knew a long time ago. What I learned was amazing and I had to share it. So, I began writing and created this website.

I am not a priest or theologian, so I follow a few notable priests on YouTube to be sure my articles are solidly rooted in the faith.

Aside from writing, I enjoy going on walks with my wife, playing my guitar and visiting family. I never know from day to day if the path I am going to walk will be easy or difficult, paved or stony. But every day I look forward to walking it with the Lord.

God only, God everywhere, God always.

- St. Bernadette

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